Kazimierz Dolny – is a scenic town situated on the Vistula river-Queens of polish rivers:

  • story goes back to Middle Ages
  • in Golden Age was a biggest harbour
  • was loved by artists and film makers

You can fall in Kazimierz too:

  • beautyful relicts
  • medieval castle
  • renaissanse temples
  • richly ornamented tenenment houses
  • charming landscape
  • art galleries,museums,coffee shops
  • flavour of polish and jewish cuisine

All these attractions you get ONLY HERE!


  • sightseeig with professional guide
  • nordic walking tour
  • bed and breakfast meet your needs
  • for seeking adventure-Kazimierz by night


LUBLIN – oldest city in the region and largest academic and cultural centre The Eastern district of Lublin- Majdanek is a area of former Nazi concentration camp

KOZLOWKA – Palace of Zamoyski Family which is perfectly preserved palace interiors, in the Second French Empire style are partly modeled on Versailles

ZAMOSC – a city listed as a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE It is Pearl of Lublin Renaissance

SANDOMIERZ – situated on the Vistula river on seven hills. Richly ornamented churches an also The Historic Undergrounds

JANOWIEC – is just 2 miles from Kazimierz dolny and easily reached by regular ferry service. There is 18th century castle where Dark Lady resides

MAGICAL GARDENS – park established for each member of the family. It is modern and safe playground for children

NALECZOW – cures heart and soul ,place with romantic villas in Swiss and Italian style. Modern wellness centre offering hydrotherapy and other health and beauty treatments




Kazimierz for foreigners

See the beauty of the Kazimierz by night

Kazimierz Dolny flavours

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